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For all businesses  growth is a good thing. More sales, more customers, more demand, more revenue. Every small company, that wants to grow big just needs to use an ERP system. Some big corporations even would not do business with you, if you hadn’t such software implemented and working in your business. Such a solution is a proof for higher quality and that you are running your enterprise well and effectively. There are many benefits coming from these systems. ERP solutions are from the group of integrated systems, which means that they are built to integrate any part of your business. Initially the manager in a small company can coordinate the different departments relatively easy, but when the company starts to grow, the same happens with the size and number of departments. The coordination between them becomes really hard and expensive. At some point of time a crisis of control is inevitable. ERP systems can be managers’ best friend then, because this is one of their main purposes – to integrate your business.